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Our day is marked by what comes out of the pastry section and there's always something good on the way: sticky buns full of cherries and pistachios in the morning; a loaf of rich dough rolled with chocolate hazelnuts and cinnamon that has been proving since dawn and comes out of the oven fresh for elevenses. Lunch is a crisp crumbly shell of pastry filled with spiced lamb or burnt aubergine and at teatime there are cheesecakes and fruit cakes small cakes and massive cookies - so many cakes that it's hard to choose one. (There's no need to worry whatever you choose will be great

) After dinner there might be poached peaches with roses or something more traditional sweet and salty Knafe drenched in orange blossom syrup or maybe just a small piece of fresh marzipan. There's something sweet something in the oven for everyone all day long - welcome to Honey & Co.