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The updated autobiography published for McCullin's 80th birthday. From the construction of the Berlin Wall through every conflict up to the Falklands War photographer Don McCullin has left a trail of iconic images. At the Sunday Times Magazine in the 1960s McCullin's photography made him a new kind of hero. The flow of stories every Sunday took a generation of readers beyond the insularity of post-war Britain and into the recesses of domestic deprivation: when in 1968 a year of political turmoil the Beatles wanted new pictures they insisted on using McCullin; when Francis Bacon whose own career had emerged with depiction of the ravages of the flesh wanted a portrait he turned to McCullin. McCullin now spends his days quietly in a Somerset village where he photographs the landscape and arranges still-lifes - a far cry from the world's conflict zones and the war-scarred north London of Holloway Road where his career began. In October 2015 it will be twenty-five years since the first publication of his autobiography Unreasonable Behaviour - a harrowing memoir combining his photojournalism with his lifework. The time is right to complete McCullin's story.